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Yes, I posted too soon. All the answers were right there, I just had to dig. I grabbed the “Forgotten” Campaign, the 227i patch, and file 01 of 05 of the enhanced textures. I will grab the rest when I have the time. Thank you for providing an awesome website. I started out with Unreal back in 98, moved up to UT99, played and beat Unreal II : The Awakening, UT2003 (hated it), UT 2004, UT III, then backtracked and did the Operation and Return to NaPali campaigns, Xidia Gold and 7 Bullets…. An old friend – GoPostal setup a SP server and gave me root access as an admin….. Have had a lot of fun and learning with the UT franchise…. Finding your site was pure gold. Credit goes to TKK Chamberly for posting your site on her FB page. Thanks again !

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