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    First off, thanks for hosting these maps. It’s getting harder and harder to find them as the years wear on.

    If you love exploring maps I’d like to point you towards my server. Look in the coop tab for “gopostal’s Exploration Server” and join up. I have 600 or so maps and the server is geared very much to letting you enjoy the maps without having to compete or get stuck over and over. You’ll spawn with a scanner tool that lets you open doors, force elevators, make any mover move. You also have triple jump and a UT translocator for covering large distances quickly. There are many custom items and code that save your spot if you die, give you health, ammo, etc. It’s almost an unlosable scenario BUT it allows you to poke around these beautiful maps and see all the areas you may not have ever been able to access. If you need a break from competition in coop or you just want to know what’s behind that door you could never get open then feel free to take a look.

    Also all of my custom code is available for anyone to have/use/extend into their own stuff. If you don’t want to uncache it just drop me an email and I’ll send you any source code you want for any weapon, item, or setting in the server. There are a lot of unique toys I’ve made to use and they are for everyone, no restrictions.

    Thanks again, OP. I grabbed a ton of maps today 🙂


    At last, with a year delay… Sorry about that, I completely forgot to reply to this at the time.

    Thanks gopostal, sounds like good stuff. I am a bit short on time nowadays so I don’t have much time for Unreal or this site (as you might have guessed from the lack of updates) but I’ll definitely have a look sooner or later – I hope the server is still running.

    It’s really good to know my archive is useful! Maybe I should also set up a “servers” section on this site when I have some spare time. I’ll contact you when that happens!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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