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A Big Thank You

- 19 February, 2021

In recent months there has been a surge in donations for our hosting fees – a surge, I say, compared to virtually no donations for the previous 6-7 years. 🙂 Not that any is expected, of course. I will keep running the site as long as it is able to run on the outdated technologies back from 2013 that it is based on. After that, well, we will see. If need be and my other commitments allow, I may invest the time to rebuild it from scratch when the time comes. (Only to look exactly the same as now, as I still kind of like the old school design as it is!)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of those 2-3 people who donated (and not just a penny, either!) in the last year or so and let them know that it is much appreciated. It relieved me from paying hosting fees for many months. Thank you!

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