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General update

- 5 May, 2020

You might have noticed that the site was unavailable for a few hours today – this is due to having to move to a more up to date server installation.

Unfortunately this does not mean any new updates to the site itself. This means the forums are still offline and there won’t be new map uploads in the near future unless you specifically submit one, preferably with all the details needed for a proper info page about the map, including a short description. You can do so via email (below).

I deactivated the forums a couple of months ago because of the ever-increasing spam bot activity that rendered the database useless, and frankly I don’t have the time currently to look for alternative forum technologies with better protection against spammers to integrate into the site, or to make any other updates as a matter of fact.

With how busy I am at the moment, I will be happy if today’s migration went smoothly and I don’t get new error reports. That is not to say if you spot any new issues you are not welcome to report it at kovacsgaborpal@gmail.com (I expect map submissions at the same address).

The mission of this site is still dear to me and I don’t intend to abandon it. My life just happens to be too busy at the moment to be able to dedicate more time to its maintenance than what’s absolutely necessary. I have no idea when this might change.

Until then, happy adventuring on Na Pali.

– Gubar

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