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The Elder

  • Release Date: 30 September, 1999
  • Author(s): Jaspos
  • Number of maps: 3
  • Platform: Unreal
  • Website: N/A

The Elder, 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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Rating: 8.2/10 (5 votes cast)

The Elder is a really nice short campaign by Jaspos with some very atmospheric scenes. You are on a mission to rescue the last Nali elder captured by the Skaarj, on whom the survival of the Nali race depends.

The locations and the way they are built are a testament of the author’s imagination and talent for creating vibrant atmosphere. The maps represent a quality that was rarely seen back in 1998-99. Even though the architecture is low poly even for 1999 standards, the simple BSP brushes were used smartly with well-aligned textures and good, colored lighting, and all that together makes it pleasant to look at even today. Jaspos also made a good use of ambient sounds that add to the night time atmosphere in the outdoor areas.

No doubt it is one of the classics from the early days that is still a pleasant experience to play.

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