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Illhaven WoT (Illhaven Harbor)

  • Release Date: 13 December, 1999
  • Author(s): Tim "Kew" Jervis
  • Number of maps: 1
  • Platform: WoT
  • Website: N/A

Illhaven WoT (Illhaven Harbor), 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Illhaven WoT is a reduxed version of the first map of the Illhaven Saga for the Wheel of Time, another Unreal Engine based game. By the way this is the first custom map ever released for WoT (not that there were many). It came out in 1999, when the actual Illhaven Saga as we know it today haven’t even existed yet – only the first three maps were released at the time. We are full aware of the fact that this map feels a little bit out of place on our site as it is technically not for Unreal, but because of it’s close relevance to one of the early classics of Unreal single player mapping that meant a lot to many players, we felt we had to find place for it here as a piece of mapping history, and a curiosity.

And a curiosity it is, as the map itself feels more like a demo rather than a playable map in a sense that it does not seem to have a real goal other than searching the houses of Illhaven harbour in an attempt to find Kew, the main character of the original Illhaven Saga (a quest which, even according to protagonist’s narrative, is most likely a lost cause), and then to escape with a sailboat hidden behind the watchtower in the harbor. Apparently a real, compelling story was not the goal Kew had in mind either when he created the map on “some weekends between professional work” (as he specified the time frame), but to simply have fun and see what he is capable of with the medieval textures of WoT, and to create a truly atmospheric scene.

Still, just to make it clear: this map is most likely suitable for Illhaven fans only.

The author wrote:

I first did up a Wheel of Time version of Illhaven between assignments for Legend. It sat on my hard drive for months. Whilst there is more I would like to have done with the “monsters” and ter’angreal, I decided to get this one out (and off my hard drive.) This version differs from the Unreal version in that all the houses are explorable inside, (the only tradeoff being that I had to confine the map to the harbor area.)

Hope you enjoy it. I did this one for fun and to see what it looked like with all those beautiful WoT textures.

And stay in the boat when the map starts. Grab the fireball and off you go…….

We cannot think of a better advice as to how to play this map than its creator himself suggested:

Thanks folks. Have fun. Play it by candlelight……

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