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Xidia Gold

  • Release Date: 2 November, 2002
  • Author(s): Team Phalanx
  • Number of maps: 16
  • Platform: Unreal Tournament
  • Website: N/A

Xidia Gold, 8.8 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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Rating: 8.8/10 (26 votes cast)

Xidia, with its 7-map fist release in April 2002, was the cutting-edge of UnrealSP mapping at its time. Only a few months after the release of the initial 7-map episode, the team came out with a follow-up campaign and packed both in one package called Xidia Gold. The original episode was renamed to Xidia: The Incident and the follow up was named Xidia: The Escape. With it’s beautifully built architecture and action-packed gameplay that continued to surprise the player over and over again, Xidia was a real bar-raiser in Unreal single player design and it is still holding its ground despite its age. Although the map pack was criticised for various reasons (most often for it’s difficulty and somewhat unbalanced gameplay), most would agree that it is one of the milestones in Unreal single player map design that set an example for many of us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is strongly recommended to download the “Final Fixed non-umod” version of the game. If you insist on downloading the UMOD version, please also download and install the XidiaGold Final Fix Patch, as there are two major bugs in the package that will prevent you from fully enjoying the game:

1. You are unable to save the game on the 3rd map. This is a very hard and very long map. It is a real challenge to finish the map without a saved game, even on medium difficulty! The patch will fix it.

2. On the last map of the first episode (Xidia: The Incident) the screen blacks out instead of playing the ending sequence. This is because of the missing Tropheus.umx file. Copy the file from the patch to fix this!

Enjoy this awesome game!

Download Xidia Gold (Umod version)

Version: 495

105.7 MiB
Package Contents
Download Xidia Gold Final Fix

Version: 1.0

8.9 MiB
Package Contents
Download Xidia Gold Final Fixed (non-umod version)

Version: Final

109.6 MiB
Package Contents

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