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Bob – Everybody needs a friend!

  • Release Date: 5 February, 2010
  • Author(s): David "DavidM" Münnich
  • Number of maps: 1
  • Platform: Unreal Tournament
  • Website: N/A

Bob – Everybody needs a friend!, 9.3 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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Rating: 9.3/10 (8 votes cast)

With “Bob – Everybody needs a friend!”, once renowned Unreal SP mapper DavidM made a surprising return after an eight-year-long break following the 2002 release of his last big SP project Operation Na Pali.

This single map, which may well be the author’s last, is a peculiar one however and it does not resemble classic Unreal SP maps at all. The focus in this level is not on enemies (there is none) but on solving puzzles, some of which are hard indeed. The name of the map apparently was given after Bob Ross who appears in the first “room” of the map.

Bob – Everybody needs a friend is no doubt one of a kind, how likable this unique style of single player experience is, however, everyone’s own decision. Do try it and decide for yourself!

Requires ONP to run.

4.3 MiB
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