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Dawn of the Dead (Zombie Dawn)

  • Release Date: 12 May, 2000
  • Author(s): Simon West-Bulford 'EZkeel'
  • Number of maps: 1
  • Platform: Unreal
  • Website: Visit Website

Dawn of the Dead (Zombie Dawn), 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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Rating: 8.2/10 (5 votes cast)

You are at the local cemetery to visit your grandparents’ graves. Its around midnight and all is not what it seems!

That’s all the readme tells about the story of Dawn of the Dead (some people may know it as Zombie Dawn), but you can guess the rest. The title of the map speaks for itself too. This short map by EZkeel features a custom enemy class, the zombie, which is pretty much the only enemy you will encounter in this map apart from a few pupaes. You are to visit a graveyard and a church at night that was overrun by these undead creatures.

A short map with nothing extraordinary to offer either from a build quality of a gameplay point of view, pretty much what you would expect from one of EZkeel’s maps if you ever played one. Despite the maker’s intentions it is not scary either, but some parts of the level do have a certain sinister atmosphere that is likeable, something that could have resulted something much more awesome in the hands of a more talented mapper. That said, it is worth one try – there are certainly much worse maps out there.

Dawn of the Dead was released for Unreal and UT simultaneously on 12th May, 2000.

Download Dawn of the Dead (UT version)

Version: 1.2

3.0 MiB
Package Contents
Download Dawn of the Dead (Unreal version)

Version: 1.2

2.3 MiB
Package Contents

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