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  • Release Date: 16 February, 2001
  • Author(s): Simon West-Bulford 'EZkeel'
  • Number of maps: 11
  • Platform: Unreal Tournament
  • Website: Visit Website

Legacy, 8.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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Rating: 8.3/10 (12 votes cast)

Earth government would never know about the creature “Xerania” and how you prevented it from maturing into a creature of horrible power. But they did know how you prevented the destruction of  mankind by stirring up a brief war between the Krall and the Skaarj. How ironic that someone once condemned to spend their life on a prison ship would now be considered a hero. But that was the fact, and now you are needed once again.

A new threat lurks on the horizon. Intelligence has discovered to their horror that the mastermind of the Skaarj experiments in genetics (and the creator of Xerania) is in fact a human traitor. The traitor has been eliminated, but too late. After finding a hidden DNA sample in his laboratory,the governement sent it to a hidden research facility on outpost Vetar 9 to determine what terrible legacy he had left behind. The first few reports were disturbing and indicated grave danger and then nothing was heard from them at all. The government has decided to take no chances and have sent a top team which includes you, to investigate and descover why all transmission from the research facility has ceased.

As usual, things do not go well as a passing shower of asteroids collide with the ship. History has a tendency of repeating itself and once again you find yourself hurtling towards the planet below! Before any of you even have a chance to dress wounds and prepare for anything there is a swift and deadly attack by two Titans. Boulders and charred metal are tossed from side to side like paper and you can hear your team barking orders at each other…..then….darkness falls as you lose consciousness…

The readme sums up the story of the whole trilogy created by EZkeel, of which Legacy is the final, most grandiose instalment. It was released in a form of an Unreal Tournament mod, featuring 11 maps and several new weapons, enemies and other innovations. How well executed these innovations, and the map pack as a whole are, is a different matter, however those willing to forgive its weaknesses (of which there are many) will find that some of its aspects are truly unique and make it worth trying Legacy.  But this might still not prove enough for many players, especially taking into account that the mod was released not much before Unreal single player level design really started to mature in the form of projects such as Operation Na Pali and especially Xidia. In the shadow of those two, many aspects of Legacy are far behind their time, in fact, behind the quality of the original Unreal as well.

Having said that, it is far from our intentions to stop anyone from trying out this unique mod. One thing is certain – Legacy is a major, unavoidable piece of Unreal history that everyone who cares about our favourite game should play once.

Two versions are available – one that contains all required Unreal music files (not included in UT) and one that assumes the player has them already. Neither of the packages contain the OldSkool mod (required to play the mod properly) so we provide a download link for that too.

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